Five Sentence Fiction :: Falling

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The darkness was like a cocoon surrounding her and  the soft glow of the candle beside her. On the bed beside her, a book lay, open, but forgotten, as she stared up at the ceiling, feeling herself being dragged down by the spiral of words running circles through her mind. She blinked, slowly, and the tear that had been gathering in the corner of her eye was forced out, then caught in it’s roll as she swiped frustratedly at it. Happy thoughts, she told herself, trying to bring to mind memories of laughter and light, but the candle wasn’t enough to fight back the darkness of her mind. The words wouldn’t stop coming, and in the end, it was easier to ignore the fall of the tears and give in to the sadness, and hope that tomorrow was a happier day.



Um, wow. Well that turned a lot more glum than I planned. Don’t write while tired, kids! Joining in for Five Sentence Fiction this week, with the prompt “Falling”