For my mum…

Remember way back to preschool, and for mother’s day or the like, you would stick macaroni to cardboard, spray paint it silver, and then, proud as punch, thinking you were the next Picasso, presented the finished product as a gift? And mum (or whoever the intended recipient was) would smile indulgently, and pretend that it was so great, it should be hanging in the Louvre?


Well, I feel a bit like that with this painting. I’m not sure if I think mum will actually like it, or if it’s the grown-ups version of silver macaroni.


I have pondered it over the weekend, and still failed to reach a conclusion. I brought in an art critic (aka my long-suffering husband – “Don’t you think you have enough hobbies?”), and while he likes it, again, we failed to reach a concensus on it’s suitability for my mum. So I did what any self-respecting, confident amatuer artist would do. We bought a back-up present.


I also had a chance to use that gorgeous little owl stamp. Steeped in silver macaroni nostalgia, I decided to make the card as well.

I thought it was quite cute. But now,  pondering the hideous, and previously undiagnosed, issue of adultsilvermacaroni-itis, possibly it wasn’t the smartest move.


I think I think too much!