Altered notebook.

I was hoping to get some more sewing done yesterday, but my husband was home sick, and he went down for a nap at the same time our son did. Unfortunately for my, our bedroom is right next to my studio (as in, there is a door between the two), so I didn’t want to make too much noise, lest I rouse the slumbering giant. It’s very rare for him to nap during the day, so I figured that a) he must really be sick, and b) sleep is the best way to get better.


So instead, I whipped up a funky little altered notebook. It’s only tiny, A6 sized, but perfect for what I use it for, and now it’s all pretty as well! Good thing it is, as it lives on a little table in our kitchen, so is always out on display.


The little blue flower was a bit of an after thought. I had a large wooden button there, and while I was adding the fibres to the binding, the rotten thing dropped off (note to self: never ever buy el cheapo tape from Coles again! It doesn’t matter if it’s 9pm and you have just run out. Wait until tomorrow!). I searched around & couldn’t find it, so went with this instead. The button resurfaced this morning, wet & cracked, on the floor of our bathroom. How & why it was there, I’ll never know. I can’t even blame the toddler, he was asleep at the time. I am still pretty happy with how it turned out though.