a new blog with a new name

on changing a blogs identity

Did you know, I’ve moved? I have only just realised that I failed to post here once the big move was done. I am now blogging over at The Barefoot Crafter. All my social media accounts have also shifted to the new name. You can find my changeover story here. Where you can find me:


Blog – thebarefootcrafter.com/blog

Instagram – @barefootcrafter

Facebook – /thebarefootcrafter

Twitter – @barefootcrafter

Pinterest – /barefootcraft


I’m still blogging about the same things, on the same days – just with a new name and a new look that is a better fit for me. I hope to see you over there soon!


(ps – I will be adding a redirect next week to point this blog to the new one, after this post has had a couple of days to work it’s way through everyone’s feeds & emails. Thanks so much for your continued support *mwah*)